Hi, I'm Krystal and I seem to be that typical shy, awkward, clumsy person who sometimes worries too much about things.

You'll see me reblog some of the following: Glee, Bo Burnham, Starkid, Harry Potter, Michael Cera, American Horror Story, twenty |one | pilots, and other random tv, bands or people (I tag almost everything)

I'm addicted to 80's movies and childhood shows/movies of the 90's.

My ask box is always open if you ever need anything or just want to talk :)

Ren and Stimpy day 9

9. Favorite song

Log!! (Random fact: it’s one of my alarm ringtones)

What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbor’s dog?
What’s great for a snack and fits on your back?
It’s Log, Log, Log!


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